An introduction to Prison Reform Catalysts

Welcome to Prison Reform Catalysts, a new weblog that will be about prison reform–and my new book about the subject, carrying the same name.

The book will be available soon. It profiles 32 men and women who dedicated their time and energy to the cause of prison reform, going back hundreds of years to highlight the work of the Italian Cesare Beccaria and moving to the present day with profiles of San Franciscan Sunny Schwartz and Sister Helen Prejean, author of Dead Man Walking.

This blog will try and move the conversation forward and in some small way advance the cause of prison reform. Anyone who has investigated the topic at all has seen the depressing statistics–the total number of prisoners in America stands at 2.3 million.

I will also try and make this weblog useful by providing links to other websites that bear on the same subject and will try and highlight upcoming events, legislation and news on prison reform. We will be particularly alert to signs of new people and groups coming on to the scene to press for prison reform–there is a lot of room for more catalysts for action.

All new weblogs are launched before they are finished. Check back and watch our progress–and feel free to offer suggestions.


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